clark fork organics

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Kim Murchison
Missoula MT

Clark Fork Organics is a family farm on the west side of the Missoula valley. We have been in business since 1992. We grow a diverse array of vegetables, from salad mix, arugula, French filet beans, fennel, shallots and English cucumbers to carrots, beets, onions, broccoli and kale. We also grow many culinary herbs and flowers.

 We farm on roughly 10 acres and have 1 heated greenhouse where we grow our starts and bedding plants for market and 2 unheated hoop houses for warm weather crops – basil, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and cucumbers. We sell at both Missoula farmers’ markets, to The Good Food Store, to the Missoula Community Cooperative, to local restaurants and through the Western Montana Grower’s Cooperative. We were certified organic for 14 years but decided that the “Homegrown” label fit our mission of growing by organic standards but selling our produce locally.

 Clark Fork Organics is run by Kim Murchison and Josh Slotnick, (who works on the farm before and after his other job). We work with 4 to 5 apprentices each season.

 We believe our farm should provide healthy food for our community, life for our soil and sustenance for ourselves. We hope our farming contributes to the health of our community today, and helps to keep local agriculture alive for the future. Our goal is to grow good food from a healthy plot of land, full of diverse plants, and fulfilled people. We strive to keep learning and improving our farming methods. We are proudly part of MSGU and Homegrown, and as such our farm meets the National Organic Program requirements and more. We are excited to have a comprehensive set of principles to guide our work – our farmers’ pledge. Farming accordingly, we will grow the best possible produce while building soil and caring for the land.