delivery sites



Delivery Day: Thursday

Sites: Burns Street (WMGC), Missoula Bone & Joint*, Tina Avenue (office), Dixon Avenue (private residence), University of Montana, The Buttercup Market and Cafe, Le Petit Outre, Rattlesnake neighborhood (private residence), The Trail Head, Providence St. Pat’s*, City Hall*, Franklin to the Fort neighborhood (private residence)


north of Missoula

Delivery Day: Thursday

Sites: Wye, Dixon (private residence), St. Ignatius (farm), Ronan (Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center, St. Luke’s*), Polson (private residence, St. Joe’s*)


Delivery Day: Thursday

Sites: Lolo (private residence), Stevensville (private residence), Victor (Lifeline Farm Store)

south of Missoula


Delivery Day: Thursday

Sites: Continental Drive (office), Dewey Boulevard (office)



Delivery Day: Friday

Sites: downtown (TBD), Fort Harrison



Delivery Day: Tuesday

Sites: downtown (TBD), The Ranch at Rock Creek*



*Site available for employees only. If you’d like to talk with us about delivering to your workplace, please contact our CSA Coordinator at