mission mountain
food enterprise


Ronan, MT

The Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center is a long-time partner of the WMGC.  While not a grower of food, MMFEC provides processing and storage options for the Growers Co-op to extend their availability of seasonal items.  MMFEC processes squash, apples, cherries, and more, which are packaged for fresh consumption or frozen for later use.  In this partnership, WMGC is able to provide their customers with processed and/or frozen products, and MMFEC has a source of locally-produced food for K-12 schools in the Western Montana region who are implementing farm to school programs.  MMFEC also provides business and cooperative development for those who are interested in starting their own food-based enterprise and incubates food processing companies by providing them an inspected facility with equipment to meet a variety of processing needs.  MMFEC also offers a community kitchen open to those who are interested in renting approved kitchen space for educational or community events.