food grown locally uses 17x less fuel and emits 17x less Co2




who's buying local?


This map shows you where our products are sold and being used.  We currently service a wide array of customers ranging from restaurants to coffee shops, grocery stores to corner stores, schools to hospitals and everywhere in between!

Each meal you choose to eat locally has a HUGE impact on your community and economy - these are the choices that have potential to change the world. A big thank you to all those out there supporting local family farms and a sustainable food system. We love ya, big time!


If consumers spend only 15% of their grocery budget on local food, it would generate $66M of new farm income in the region...TO BE SPENT IN THE REGION.  

Ken Meter study





how wmgc works

Step 01.

Our 50+ member farms grow and produce the food we sell.  This list varies from fresh and frozen produce, eggs, meat, dairy, seeds and legumes!

STEP 02.

Our passionate sales team starts selling the food that is posted to be harvested that day.  This generally happens every Monday and Thursday, starting bright and early to allow our growers enough time to safely harvest, clean the produce and get things ready to be sent back to the WMGC warehouse.

step 03.

Each afternoon the fresh produce is retrieved on one of our refrigerated trucks and shuttled to the coolers in our warehouse for packing.  Our committed warehouse workers pack the orders that were made that morning and prepare the shipment for the next day.  

step 04.

Whether it's a WMGC truck or one of the partnering transportation specialists we work with, you get your food delivered within 24-48 hours!  This helps ensure that the food you're selling in your store or feeding to your customers is as fresh as possible, helping you reduce waste and any hiccups in your busy day!


"local produce ripens naturally & retains more nutrients & better flavor."

harvard study