payment options


pay in full*

By March 1st to receive the first early-bird discount.

By April 1st to receive the second early-bird discount.

Debit/credit card, EBT card, check or cash.

*Payment due at time of purchase.


pay in 4 payments

First payment due at time of purchase.

Second payment due June 1st.

Third payment due July 1st.

Final payment due August 1st.

Debit/credit card or EBT card.


We happily accept SNAP benefits for all of our shares and are proud to be able to offer Double SNAP Dollars (DSD), which allows us to offer members paying with their SNAP benefits a one-to-one dollar match on produce shares, up to $200 per member, *per season. The remaining balance can be paid in 4-6 monthly payments. If interested in purchasing a share with SNAP/DSD, please contact our CSA Coordinator at

*Subject to availability, as funds for Double SNAP Dollars are limited each season.

SNAP benefits and Double Snap Dollars