com·mu·ni·ty  -  sup·port·ed     ag·ri·cul·ture

a community-based model of agricultural production and distribution that links people to the farmers who feed them


wmgc c.s.a

The Western Montana Growers' Cooperative is a cooperative of over 30 farm members who have been supplying the wholesale market in western Montana since 2003. In 2008, we began delivering fresh, nutritious food to individual community members through our Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, program. CSA is a community-based model of agricultural production and distribution that links people to the farmers who feed them. Individuals purchase a "share" of what our member farmers harvest each week throughout the season and we deliver it to you!

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As a WMGC CSA member, you'll receive a share of each week's harvest delivered to a site in your neighborhood every week of our bountiful season, which runs for 20 weeks, from May 31 through October 11. We also offer an Extended Season Share, which runs for 26 weeks, from May 31 through November 29.

We deliver to sites in Missoula, Butte, Helena, Victor, Stevensville, Lolo, St. Ignatius, Polson, Ronan, Dixon, and Arlee. If you are in a group of 10 or more outside our current delivery area, contact us at to see about setting up a site near you!

Our CSA members also have the unique opportunity to purchase additional locally grown and produced goods and have them delivered with their weekly share of vegetables. We offer eggs, beef, pork, milk, cheese, honey, lentils and more!

What You Get



pricing and options


Large Summer Share: 

$570 (an average price of $28.50 per week)

Small Summer Share: 

$390 (an average price of $19.50 per week)

$170 (an average price of $28.30 per week)

Our Fall Share consists of six weekly deliveries, October 18 - November 29 (there will be no deliveries the week of Thanksgiving).

This is a chance to extend our bountiful season and stock up for winter! Almost all of the produce will store for months (with the exception of late summer favorites like peppers and tomatoes and hearty fall greens like kale).

Sample Fall Share

2 lbs apples or pears

1/2 lb spinach

2 bunches of leeks

2 lbs peppers

2 lbs tomatoes

2 lbs carrots

2 lbs potatoes

Fall Share (one size):

add-on shares!

You may also purchase additional non-produce shares to be delivered with your box.  These include:

meat shares 

beef $400 deposit

Beef share customers receive at least 60 pounds of locally, gently-raised, organically grass-fed and -finished beef from Foothill Farm in St Ignatius, about 1/8 of the animal.  The cuts of meat will vary with each delivery, but you can expect ground beef, along with this range of cuts: rib steaks, chuck roasts, cross ribs, (either steak or roast), brisket, short ribs, stew meat, t-bones, sirloins, tri-tips, tenderloin, sirloin tip, top and bottom round, filet mignon and rib roasts (organ meat available upon request).  You may choose to receive the share in just one delivery or three deliveries in total.  The cost is $390 for 1/8 animal, which is about 60lb of meat.  If you purchase a 1/4 animal, the cost will be $768. Half an animal, or 240lb, is $1,500.  Organ meat, fat and bones may be purchased separately.

pork $225-275

Pork share customers receive approximately 30 to 35 pounds of pork from Lifeline Dairy (and Organic and Biodynamic farm in Victor).  These pigs are fed whey from the production of the Organic cheeses that Lifeline creates, as well as food scraps and Organic grain.  The price will range between $225 and $275 depending upon the exact weight.


egg shares


20 deliveries of 1 dozen eggs for $100, delivered every week.

These eggs are from hens that forage on green pasture in the summer, snacking on tasty bugs and other critters, and are fed organic green alfalfa hay and organic Montana grains during the winter. Learn more at


cheese shares

Lifeline $90

10 deliveries for $90, delivered every other week.

Includes a variety of cheeses, such as sandwich cheeses like Montzarella and Cheddar (Mild, Sharp, and Raw Milk), cheese curds, and Brie.

Lifeline Farm is an organic, biodynamic farm located in Victor. Learn more at

Flathead Lake Cheese Co  $90

10 deliveries for $90, delivered every other week.

Includes different types of Gouda (Doorstop, Wisk o’ Smoke, Hoppin’ Mad, Big Chai, Galicki), Notzarella, Gouda Curds, and Hawaiian Shirt Feta.

Flathead Lake Cheese Company is based in Polson where they create artisanal cheeses by hand in small batches.  Their milk comes from Mission Valley and is free of any hormones or antibiotics.  When the weather allows, they use solar thermal heat to pasteurize the milk in-house.  Learn more at  

Tucker Family Farms  $107

10 deliveries for $107, delivered every other week.

This share is for the adventurous cheese lover, and will include varieties such as Ricotta, Feta, Zephyr (a blue brie), Harbinger (like Manchego), Bjerg (like a Tomme), Petrachor (a washed rind cheese), and other seasonal varieties.

Tucker Family Farms is a new cheese producer in Victor (in fact Montana’s first-ever farmstead sheep cheese creamery) that started sourcing through WMGC last year.  Their cheese is crafted by Allison Dembek from the pastured sheeps’ milk cultivated on their farm. Learn more at

The Full MT Cheese Experience $275 

10 deliveries for $275, delivered every other week.

Each delivery includes cheese from each of the cheese makers listed above.

coffee shares


10 deliveries for $110 (1 bag) or $213 (2 bags), delivered every other week.

Located here in Missoula, Black Cofee Roasting Co. craft-roasts ethically produced organic beans from around the world. Learn more at

milk shares


20 deliveries for $83 (half gallon) or $130 (full gallon), delivered every week.

Lifeline Farm raises their Brown Swiss cows on pasture and organically grown hay and feed. The cows are not given any synthetic growth hormones or routine antibiotics and the milk is non-homogenized. Learn more at

bread shares

Le Petit Outre $75   

20 deliveries for $75, delivered every week.

Rotating selection includes Whole Wheat Deli, Sourdough Deli, Italian Deli, Super Grain, Birdman, and King Kaiser.

Located here in Missoula, Le Petit Outre's bread is free from additives and preservatives and is baked fresh daily. Learn more at

Tandem bakery $71-116

10 deliveries of gluten-free/vegan bread for $71, delivered every other week and/or 10 deliveries of gluten-free/vegan doughnuts for $116, delivered every other week.

Located in Missoula, Tandem Bakery is a small-scale bakery dedicated to gluten-free and vegan breads and dougnuts.

Learn more at


important dates for the 2018 season:

  • May 31 - June 1 - First summer share delivery.
  • October 11 - 12 - Last summer share delivery.
  • November 29 - 30 - Last fall share delivery.

Check out our CSA Harvest Calendar for a good idea of what will be around when!

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