com·mu·ni·ty - sup·port·ed     ag·ri·cul·ture

a community-based model of agricultural production and distribution that links people to the farmers who feed them


wmgc c.s.a.

The Western Montana Growers Cooperative (WMGC) is a cooperative of producers located in Western Montana. In addition to supplying the wholesale market with fresh, local food (check out our map of who’s buying local!), we also deliver to individual community members through our Community-Supported Agriculture, or CSA, program.

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what it is

CSA is a community-based model of agricultural production and distribution that links people to the farmers who feed them.


how it works

CSA members (that’s you!) purchase a “share” of what our farmers plan to grow prior to the start of the growing season and select a delivery site. Once the season begins, we deliver your share of the harvest to your site each week, where you pick it up and take it from there!

We know that life gets busy (and we like to keep in touch!) so each week, we’ll send you a preview of what’s going to be in your share (on Sunday morning, before you do your shopping for the week), a reminder to pick it up, and our newsletter, which contains information about what’s in your share, who grew it, storage tips, recipes and more!


what makes it special

Quality. All of our produce is either certified organic or Montana Homegrown (a local alternative to organic) and is harvested within a day or two of you receiving it, meaning it’s fresh, fresh, fresh!

Variety. Being a multi-farm CSA program allows us to offer a much wider variety of items than a typical single-farm CSA program, including fruit! A typical season includes apples, 2-3 types of berries, cherries, melons, peaches, pears and plums.

Convenience. Not only do we offer 20+ delivery sites but our CSA members have the opportunity to purchase “add-on” shares, to be delivered with their regular produce share (every week or every other week, depending on the item). These add-on shares include organic eggs, organic milk, artisanal cheese, bread, gluten-free/vegan bread, and coffee—all produced locally!


how to order

1. Browse our share options & prices, payment options and delivery sites below and select the one that’s right for you and your family (or friends!).

2. Click here to create an account and log in (or log in to your existing account).

3. From your Account Overview, click “Shop Subscriptions,” select your share and delivery site and confirm your order!

4. Add to your contact list so that you don’t miss any important communication from us!

5. Refer a friend! We offer a $10 credit for every new member you refer! If a family member or friend signs up on your recommendation, let us know!

2019 share options & prices


small summer share

20 weeks (May 30th - October 10th)

$390 (average value of $19.50 per week)

1st Early-Bird Discount: $370

2nd Early-Bird Discount: $380

*Generally recommended for 1-2 people


large summer share

20 weeks (May 30th - October 10th)

$570 (average value of $28.50 per week)

1st Early-Bird Discount: $530

2nd Early-Bird Discount: $555

*Generally recommended for 2+ people


6 weeks (October 17th - November 21st)

$170 ($150 for summer members)

*Please note that we do not offer a payment plan for our fall share and that payment is due in full at the time of purchase.

fall share (one size)


26 weeks (summer + fall; May 30th - November 21st)


1st Early-Bird Discount: $520

2nd Early-Bird Discount: $535

small extended season share


26 weeks (summer + fall; May 30th - November 21st)


1st Early-Bird Discount: $680

2nd Early-Bird Discount: $710

large extended season share

payment options


pay in full*

By March 1st to receive the first early-bird discount.

By April 1st to receive the second early-bird discount.

Debit/credit card, EBT card, check or cash.

*Payment due at time of purchase.


pay in 4 payments

First payment due at time of purchase.

Second payment due June 1st.

Third payment due July 1st.

Final payment due August 1st.

Debit/credit card or EBT card.


We happily accept SNAP benefits for all of our shares and are proud to be able to offer Double SNAP Dollars (DSD), which allows us to offer members paying with their SNAP benefits a one-to-one dollar match on produce shares, up to $200 per member, *per season. The remaining balance can be paid in 4-6 monthly payments. If interested in purchasing a share with SNAP/DSD, please contact our CSA Coordinator at

*Subject to availability, as funds for Double SNAP Dollars are limited each season.

SNAP benefits and Double Snap Dollars

delivery sites



Delivery Day: Thursday

Sites: WMGC Warehouse, Dixon Avenue (private residence), University of Montana, Le Petit Outre, Rattlesnake neighborhood (private residence), The Trail Head, Submittable*, City Hall*, Providence St. Pat’s*, Franklin to the Fort neighborhood (private residence)


north of Missoula

Delivery Day: Thursday

Sites: Wye (Jim & Mary’s RV Park), St. Ignatius (farm), Ronan (Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center, St. Luke’s*), Polson (private residence, St. Joe’s*)


Delivery Day: Thursday

Sites: Lolo (Ag Worker Health & Services), Stevensville (private residence), Victor (Lifeline Farm Store)

south of Missoula


Delivery Day: Thursday

Sites: National Center for Appropriate Technology, Dewey Boulevard (office)



Delivery Day: Friday

Sites: Gardenwerks Nursery, Helena VA/Fort Harrison



Delivery Day: Tuesday

Sites: Philipsburg Brewing Company



Delivery Day: Tuesday

Site: Copper Village Museum & Art Center



*Site available for employees only.

If you’d like to talk with us about delivering to your neighborhood or workplace, please contact our CSA Coordinator at and note that we require a minimum of ten members per site.

add-on shares!

egg share

mission mountain organic eggs


1 dozen per week

Mission Mountain Organic Eggs come from happy hens that forage on green pasture in the summer and are fed organic Montana grains during the winter. Learn more at


meat shares 


foothill farm


single delivery

Foothill Farm raises 100% organic, grass-fed and finished beef. Share sizes range from 1/8 to 1/2 of the animal. Each share includes a variety of cuts, as well as ground beef. Organ meat, fat and bones may be purchased separately.


Lifeline farm


single delivery

Lifeline Farm raises its pigs on both organic grain and organic whey from the cheese it produces. Learn more at Share size is 1/4 of the animal and includes a variety of cuts and ground pork.

milk share



half or full gallon every week

Lifeline Farm raises their Brown Swiss cows on pasture and organically grown hay and feed. The cows are not given any synthetic growth hormones or routine antibiotics and the milk is non-homogenized. Learn more at


cheese shares

Flathead Lake Cheese Co.


every other week (rotating selection)

This share primarily includes different varieties of Gouda.

Located in Polson, Flathead Lake Cheese Co. crafts its cheese in small batches with milk from the Mission Valley. Learn more at  

Lifeline farm


every other week (rotating selection)

This share includes varieties such as Cheddar (mild, sharp, and raw milk), Montzarella, and Brie.

Lifeline Farm is an organic, biodynamic farm located in Victor. Learn more at

Tucker Family Farm


every other week (rotating selection)

This share includes varieties such as Feta, Ricotta, Zephyr (a blue-brie), Harbinger (like Manchego), Bjerg (like a Tomme), and Petrichor (a washed rind cheese), as well as other seasonal varieties.

Montana’s first sheep cheese creamery, Tucker Family Farm crafts its cheese with milk from the pastured sheep on their farm. Learn more at

The Full MT Cheese Experience


every other week (rotating selection)

Each delivery includes cheese from Flathead Lake Cheese Co., Lifeline Farm, and Tucker Family Farm.

bread shares

Le Petit Outre


1 loaf every week (rotating selection)

Le Petit Outre's bread is baked fresh daily and is free from additives and preservative. Learn more at

Tandem bakery


1 loaf every other week (rotating selection)

Tandem Bakery is a small-scale bakery dedicated to gluten-free and vegan breads.

Learn more at


coffee share

black coffee roasting co.


every other week (roaster’s choice)

Black Coffee Roasting Co. craft-roasts ethically produced organic beans from around the world. Learn more at

Payment for all add-on shares is due in full at the time of purchase.

important dates for the 2019 season:

  • December 1st, 2018 - First date to purchase 2019 shares.

  • March 1st, 2019 - First early-bird discount deadline.

  • April 1st, 2019 - Second early-bird discount deadline.

  • May 30th-June 4th, 2019 - First summer share delivery.

  • October 10th-15th, 2019 - Last summer share delivery.

  • October 17th-22nd, 2019 - First fall share delivery.

  • November 21st-26th, 2019 - Last fall share delivery.

Check out our CSA Harvest Calendar for a good idea of what will be around when!

purchase your share today!