moss farm

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tom moss
rollins, mt

Situated on the shores on Flathead Lake in Rollins, MT, Moss Farm is fortunate to utilize land perfectly suited for delicious tree fruits.  Their goal is to maintain use of the land using thoughtful, knowledgeable, and responsible practices in order to produce the best tasting apples and tree fruit for their customers’ enjoyment and health.  Trees are cared for by hand on an individual basis and many of the inputs used are OMRI (Organic) approved.  Employee health and well-being is a top priority at Moss Farm as they understand the value of human labor and the importance of providing safe and meaningful employment opportunities.

Among other crops, Moss Farm specializes in the production of Honeycrisp Apples.  Honeycrisp is a relatively new variety of apple bred for almost perfect combination of sweet-tart flavor, crispness, and storage quality.  Honeycrisp are delicious as hand fruit but will also match up with almost any cooking apple as well.  Honeycrisp are particularly suited to colder apple production areas of which Flathead Lake and Moss Farm is a prime example.