mountain spring farm

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nancy beech
paradise, mt

Mountain Spring Farms is located near the confluence of the Clarkfork and Flathead rivers in Western Montana.  The mild climate, long growing season and rich river bottom soils are ideal for producing many types of food crops.  Mountain Spring Farms is a Certified Organic farm, regulated by the Montana Department of Agriculture including USDA standards. 

Mountain Spring Farms employs best management practices by using crop rotation, cover crops, green manure crops and minimum soil tillage.  The goal being to provide good microbial interaction between root systems and soil activity.

Included in the Organic Farm management are thousands of beneficial insects including: Lady Beatles; Pirate bugs; Parasidic Wasps and Preying Mantis.  Buckwheat, Sunflowers and Mint are planted to maintain “Good Bug” hotels.  Without these beneficials, organic pest management would be impossible.